A Day in the Desert with Jamie Gillespie

After scrolling the beautfiul, desert toned grid of @being.jamie, it's easy to get lost in the the road trips she takes you on through the lense of her conscious creations. As a slow fashion, sustainable style based influencer, it's easy to see why we had to collaborate with the extremely talented photographer, Jamie Gillespie!  

We asked Jamie a few questions to get a peak inside her creative world that we find both endlessly inspiring and so asthetically engaging. 




 What inspired you to become a conscious content creator?


"What inspires me most is Mother Nature. I am lucky to live in a beautiful canyon, outside the city, and it allows me to experience the beauty of nature every day."


 What is your favorite aspect of sustainable and slow fashion photography?


"My favorite part of slow fashion photography is how I get to combine elements of nature with natural fabrics. Shooting outside near the ocean or in the desert is a dream. I love that a huge part of that is exploring nature and watching the sun move across the sky."



Which shooting location has been your favorite and why?


"Joshua Tree! The desert is my happy place! "



  How would you describe your personal, everyday style?


"I would describe my style as effortless, grounded, with a touch of desert sun. I choose pieces that reflect some element of Mother Nature, whether it be in the color of the fabric or the fabric itself. My closet is full of creams and beiges, and I wouldn't have it any other way."


-Jamie is wearing The Isaura Dress in Pumpkin Vine Block 



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