Harmony and Wholeness with Barrett Prendergast

We took a moment to reflect on life as a busy mom and small business owner with the ever so beautiful and graceful Barrett Prendergast. 


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Barrett is the owner of Valley Brink Road, a luxury floral and gifting design studio that is curated with an array of elegant choices for when you need just the right gift, for just the right occasion.  As a mom of two incredible and energetic sons, along with another one on the way, we wanted to know more about her tricks for making it all work while keeping the boys endlessly entertained and SO well fed!!  

As a busy mama, where do you find inspiration for new recipes for your blog, Barrett and the boys? 

So much inspiration for how I cook comes from what's in season and available at farmers market. We are so lucky to live in a place like California where there is incredible produce all year round. I’m very excited for the coming months and delicious ingredients like sugar snap peas, heirloom tomatoes, and sweet summer corn!
As a successful small business owner of your company, Valleybrink Road, how do you find balance between your work life and mothering? 
I let go of the word balance long ago. Instead, I try to do  what I can and achieve a sense of wholeness each day. When I am with my kids, I am present and focused on them and, when it's time to work, I try to give that the same undivided attention. There are days when work gets more attention and then others when my kids do. It’s always changing, so I try not to get stuck up on this idea of balance because I feel like that just sets us up to feel like we are failing most of the time. 
How do you like to spend your weekends with the family? 
Since our kids don’t like to sleep in, our weekends are all about the early mornings and early nights. Lots of cooking together, cuddling in bed watching a movie, going to the park, playing with legos and, now that things are starting to warm up a bit, hopefully there will be lots of beach days in the coming months. 
What are your favorite kids recipes?
I love creating a recipe that my kids are crazy about!  I mean, there really is nothing better! Here are a few things that I always know they will happily eat. Always feels like a real triumph!
                         Barrett wearing the Catherine Maxi robe in xs/s
You can get more of Barrett's sincere advice and access to her incredible recipes on her blog: https://www.barrettandtheboys.com/

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