Well Being With Sarah Pachelli

We had a chat with Sarah Pachelli to discuss her incredible meal delivery service, Ssere, her personal style, and, of course, Sicily!
1.)  What Inspired you most to start your company, SSere?

"Ssere (derived from the Italian word "benessere” which means “well-being”, thus “ssere" is, simply, “being”) was born out a need to deconstruct diet- and wellness culture in the form of sustainable, deeply satisfying whole foods meals. I worked as a nutritional personal chef for many years before broadening the scope of my culinary-reach through the creation of a general do-no-harm meal delivery company. Ssere is boutique and easily curated to every client’s specific dietary preferences. Nothing is homogenized. The prepared foods market has become saturated since Covid, however most of them offer, as a client recently said, glorified airplane food or totally bland diet food perpetuating a “get thin quick” mentality that is toxic and unsustainable. So, we make food that is pretty healthy — meaning it is pretty healthy, or healthyish — but, just as important, it is also pretty and healthy, since we all eat with our eyes first. (Gotta love a double entendre…) Along with the meal delivery, we also provide catering services and I do one-on-one nutritional counseling, focusing on body image and using pleasure (aka being in the present moment) for healing.

2.). What is it about Sicily that keeps you going back?

"Simply: it is my soul’s home. More: I am in love with Sicily's juxtaposition of beauty and grit. So many places are manicured for the tourist. Sicily, however, is rough around the edges in the most relatable way. Plus, the entire island is the Divine Feminine personified — from sea to soil to volcano. Every time I land on that land, I feel as if I’ve come home. Again and again and again. May we all find a place that sparks us the way Sicily sparks me."

3.) How would you describe your personal style?

"Quirky-sexy. Super playful. I like patterns. I love dramatic architecture. I’ve never been mad at making a statement. Taking oneself too seriously is stifling. Judgement is boring. Apply to style; apply to all."

4.). If there were only one food that you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?  :)

         "Pasta and pizza through and though."

Sarah is wearing the Odette dress while collecting figs in beautiful Sicily.

For information on healthy meal delivery from Ssere check out:

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