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The Beauty Of Conscious Practice with Lara Elliot

            The grace and beauty of Reiki and Engergy Healer, Lara Elliot both captivated and resonated with us deeply from the moment we first came across her and the beautiful work that she does.  It has been a joy to take some time to get to know more about her journey into the world of holistic healing.                                                  1.  What was the first calling that led you to want to attend school for acupuncture?   "In hindsight, I believe it was líng zhì, also known as Reishi mushroom. In 2010 a friend (who was...

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A Conversation With Artist, Erika Lanaye

1.) Please tell us about your journey as a painter and where and how it all began? I have always loved art, but it wasn’t until last year I became a full time artist.  I studied fine art in college, but took a corporate path after graduation. After moving from Illinois to Arizonia I knew I needed to paint the surrounding desert.  2.) What inspires you the most to create your art?  "The desert colors and adobe architecture." 3.) How do you incorporate practices of slow living into your daily routine?  "As a family we try to incorporate slow living by many of the choices we make daily, from the coffee we drink, the local restaurants we love and of...

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