Thankful At Home

  Fall is undoubtably my favorite time of year. Home for our family is in the beautiful Hudson Valley of NY where the Fall foliage is absolutely breathtaking and the golden sun filled afternoons are brimming with hot soups on the stove and apple pies in the oven.  We head to our local orchards every year and pick our fair share of crisp, delicious apples that are ripe and ready to be made into all different varieties of yummy treats and dishes.  Of course I make a pie almost every year and this one was no different!  I ALWAYS make my own crust but, as a busy mom of three kids I let myself off the hook and picked up a ready made crust this time and had some fun in the kitchen with my youngest son Iraya. We made one from a Harry Potter cookbook recipe (kids choice) this time. This one had a bit more sugar than I normally use which made it a little sweeter than usual but the kids and my husband ate it all up non the less! 





   As we head into the month of November I find myself going inward and becoming more and more of a homebody.  I love to just be at home wearing a robe or a housedress while cooking and baking with and for my family.  I find as the weather gets colder the time spent in the kitchen nourishes my soul as much as it does my belly.  It brings me true joy to serve my kids a dish they really love and enjoy while fostering their growth at the same time.  







  With Thanksgiving on the horizon I'm even more conscious than ever of how grateful I am for these times well spent at home together and how valuable cooking with your kids truly is.  It teaches them and us that patience, time and effort can pay off in so many ways and failure only makes us get back up to try again (referencing my MANY failed recipes)! Everything we do has it's lesson and there is no better way to listen and practice that then in your kitchen in my opinion!  



     Kristen is wearing the Stella Robe in Golden Saffron in a size xs/s

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