Taking Time with Carson Meyer

Carson Meyer has inspired us endlessly with her passion for birth, the environment and her laid back California style. It was truly our pleasure to catch a glimpse into how her path has been formed to do the amazing work that she does!





What inspired you to become a doula?


"The first time I ever saw footage of birth was in the documentary “The Business of Being Born”.  I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. Up until that moment I had only been exposed to Hollywood’s terrifying portrayal of birth that always seemed to take the power away from the woman and put it into the hands of a doctor. I was moved to tears by the sheer strength of the female body and the triumphant emotional transformation of the mother. I also cried because I was angry to learn that hospitals were profiting from unnecessary intervention and perpetuating the stigma of birth as an illness. It broke my heart to learn how the medical system has treated women over the past century and how are lack of reverence for the physiological birth process has led to increase in unnecessary intervention and risks for mothers and babies. "


How did you begin your journey as the founder of your skin care line, C & The Moon?


"I started making skincare products in my kitchen in Malibu as a young girl. My mother, an environmental activist, was aware of the lack of regulation of personal care products in the US and knew that endocrine disruptors and other toxic chemicals were widely used in skincare. As I grew up, she steered me away from conventional, mass-produced makeup and nail polish. Instead, we made our own in our kitchen with natural and organic ingredients. All that home experimentation led me to create my first product, The Malibu Made Body Scrub. This homemade body scrub became my go-to gift for friends and family. When I moved to New York to attend NYU my homemade body scrub was a game-changing relief for my dry, sensitive skin during my first East Coast winter."


"After becoming a birth doula  I saw firsthand how the skin, our largest organ, takes in information from the environment around us and how the human body is itself a delicate ecosystem.I also learned that there’s an average of 200 manmade chemicals found in the cord blood of newborns, many of which are used in the manufacture of personal products and absorbed through our skin. In 2018, friends and fans of the scrub encouraged me to bring the product to market and C & The Moon was born!"


What is your favorite thing to do during time off?


"I love being home with my guy and my pup, hiking and spending time with friends. I also love to learn. In my time off you can usually find me reading a book or taking an online course. "
How would you describe your style?

"When I am not in sweatpants, I am in feminine flowy dresses like StellaRay. I guess you could say my style is California nostalgia."
Carson is wearing The Gracie Gown in Terra Bouquet Block in size XS/S

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