The Beauty Of Conscious Practice with Lara Elliot

            The grace and beauty of Reiki and Engergy Healer, Lara Elliot both captivated and resonated with us deeply from the moment we first came across her and the beautiful work that she does.  It has been a joy to take some time to get to know more about her journey into the world of holistic healing.                    


1.  What was the first calling that led you to want to attend school for acupuncture?


"In hindsight, I believe it was líng zhì, also known as Reishi mushroom.

In 2010 a friend (who was also my boss at a clothing label I designed for) and I discovered Chinese herbal tea-tonics in a fancy grocery store in Los Angeles. We bought some of the herbal ingredients (including duanwood reishi) and started making herbal tonics every day in our design studio.

From that moment on everything unfolded in an incredible flow and speed. Nine month later I found myself in Acupuncture school. Career change, life change, a new direction. 

While learning more about Chinese herbal medicine, I realized that líng zhì may have opened the portal to an old, perhaps ancient remembrance to my soul purpose. 

That first day of Acupuncture school in NYC I knew I had arrived home and amongst “my people."


2.  What do you enjoy doing when you take a break from work?


"At this point in my life, I look at the concept of “work” from a spiritual perspective. In this way my work is not limited to doing something for someone else, and being paid for it; such as my healing sessions or Reiki trainings.

In this way all aspects and ways of my day become my “work”. But this work I do for myself and the exchange is not limited to the monetary realm. 

Taking care of my body and health, making breakfast, cleaning our home, supporting my patients, being married, studying, teaching, communicating with other humans, creating space for myself…

I prefer the expression conscious practice over work, as the traditional concept of work carries often a weight and negative association. 

When I consider all aspects of my day as my work, then they become a continuous flow connecting one moment to the next. To me this is a very beautiful and inspiring thing. 

A more traditional answer to your question would be, that in these recent years there has been very few moments which were not filled with a task or responsibility. From this perspective, connecting to nature is my answer. Connecting to nature in the great or subtle ways, nourishes, replenishes, and centers me."


3. What inspires you in the world of holistic living the most?


"Our continuous return to nature and our continuous return to love.

The realization that everything is interconnected. We live in relationship with  everything and are in exchange with every thing. When I understand that, I am the one side/ end of each relationship, I am grasping my responsibility to show up, and begin to live a lot more consciously.

 Means, if we really understand the concept of holistic, we see the micro- and macrocosmic dynamics manifest in all shapes and forms of life. 

Body is inseparable from breath, human is inseparable from nature, consciousness is inseparable from spirit."


 4. Has motherhood guided you to find deeper insight into assisting others in their healing process?


"So much so. 

As healing practitioner and for self-healing, I work with the “inner child” of my clients. 

Learning to be present and holding the space of loving kindness, patience, unconditional compassion, and acceptance for your child, will immediately  translate to the practice of holding space for others (and their inner child / inner child wounds/ pain + painbody) 


Vice versa, my “work”/healing and spiritual practice has supported me in being a more present, patient, and compassionate mother to my daughter."



                  Lara is wearing the Raya Gown in Kisment Garden Block

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