Warm Hearts On Cold Days





Life in NY dramatically takes us through the seasons.  It seems that one day we are weeding our garden under the blazing summer sun and the next we are all bundling up to shovel our driveway in a flurry of snow.  I've always loved the change of seasons and I find it keeps me endlessly inspired for what's to come down the road ahead.  

  During the darkest, coldest days and nights, I take comfort in warm thoughts just as much as I do in the fire crackling away in the heart of our home.  Taking care of my children, my husband, and myself by nourishing our bodies with warm, savory, dishes and soups and keeping a positive mind has always been the core of how I live and raise my family.  

  Staying busy during these months at home (off screens) can sometimes be challenging!  We really do enjoy cooking and baking a lot and we do like to throw in a fun, simple, crafty project once in a while.  As Valentine's day approaches I am reminded that the love I have for my family is what continues to make my heart grow each and every day.  Spending every bit of quality time with them is the true meaning of life itself for me.  

  We decided to make some beautiful flower wreaths as a representation of endless bounty of love, while also being reminded how fleeting a moment in time can be. The rose represents love.  We chose pink for gratitude and peace.  




















~Kristen is 5'6 and wearing our Catherine Robe in Celeste Pink in a size XS/S


















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